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Posted by Skelekoopa - January 26th, 2008

I posted my second flash animation. I hoping with practice I'll be able to improve my scores. ((Some pessimistic portion of my mind keeps saying that getting a 2.5 is ingrained into my DNA. Some kind of mediocrity gene...))

Anyways, this was another school project gone awry. It's still rather short. I really have to work on making a longer animation.

((btw, got Mario Galaxy. The treatment of Koopas in that game is appalling. Where once we were proud enemies who actually stood a chance of killing mario. Now we have been relegated to little more than puzzle solving devices and boss fight weapons. Oh the shame of it all. To be upstaged by giant insects and squid monsters.))

Posted by Skelekoopa - January 18th, 2008

My second flash is in the works and is nearly completed. This time the assignment was to make a four scene interactive flash movie. Instead I have made 12 scenes so far with choices and such. I plan to add more choices and such to the movie before releasing it here.

The teacher sternly dissapproves of the never ending torment my animation inflicts upon the helpless little whatever he is.

Posted by Skelekoopa - January 16th, 2008

I made my first submission to Newgrounds today. It's my Extreme Pong animation which I made in class while learning flash.

It started off as a simple assignment. Use motion tweens to animate a game of pong. A very short game of pong. From there it spiraled out of control until it ended up as you see it now. When I first started the project I didn't know how to use Flash at all. I know a lot more now that I've finished it.

Anyway, I mostly surprised at how positive the reviews on it have been. I really thought I was going to get shot down.

((Self-esteem +1))

By the way, Holy Crap. People are reading my profile. Didn't expect that.

Posted by Skelekoopa - January 12th, 2008

I finished my first flash animation. Which I will be posting sometime this week. I'm going to polish it up a little and post it. It's not really very good, but it's better than some of the crap I see on here. Of course I'm hoping people will critique it for me so I won't suck so much on my next one.

It's odd posting this, since I know that nobody is going to read it. Maybe someday I'll have enough flash animations on here that someone will care enough to actually go check out my profile. Till then.

Posted by Skelekoopa - January 10th, 2008

Well would you look at this. Last time I checked this userpage I didn't even have this section.

I guess I should give the rundown of what I'm up to. I am actually planning on releasing a flash animation pretty soon. It's not exceptional, mostly because I made it while learning flash. ((See if you can guess which parts I made before I learned anything!))

I'll probably have it out anywhere between one and two weeks.