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My first submission!!!

2008-01-16 18:26:04 by Skelekoopa

I made my first submission to Newgrounds today. It's my Extreme Pong animation which I made in class while learning flash.

It started off as a simple assignment. Use motion tweens to animate a game of pong. A very short game of pong. From there it spiraled out of control until it ended up as you see it now. When I first started the project I didn't know how to use Flash at all. I know a lot more now that I've finished it.

Anyway, I mostly surprised at how positive the reviews on it have been. I really thought I was going to get shot down.

((Self-esteem +1))

By the way, Holy Crap. People are reading my profile. Didn't expect that.


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2008-01-16 18:27:40

your game was gewd

Skelekoopa responds:

LOLWUT? Not a game, and "gewd"?

Thanks anyway though.


2008-01-16 18:29:48

Nice animation and for your first submission it's very good.